Kiss the cook.

Kiss the cook.

"Reminded today that prayer is not about overcoming the reluctance of God. Prayer is entering the abundance of God."


This video tells the inspiring story of how 16-year-old Mason Wilde used a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand for his young friend.

Stigma exists everywhere and affects us in different ways, but so does hope. Holding on to that hope leads to the possibility that better days are ahead.

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This is so cool.

Sitting in a tree.

Sitting in a tree.


"I recently read about a mother who is able to stretch a $14,000 annual income to feed and clothe her family. That, ladies and gentlemen, is creative."

@amysianh and I had a great week off last week in Edinburgh. We got to go to the zoo and see the pandas! They were immense!

"The most remarkable thing about the Pope is that what he is doing should not be remarkable. He is simply doing what Popes and Christians should do – care for the poor, critique inequity, interrupt injustice, surprise the world with grace, include the excluded and challenge the entitled."

The First Year of the Pope’s Revolution - Shane Claiborne

The pope is great, but this point really hit home. Challenging.

Why the graphic novels of Scott Pilgrim are better than the film

  • Much funnier
  • More about Scotts relationship with Ramona and less about Knives
  • Envys inclusion in the rest of the story
  • Ramona vs Envy
  • Last 3 books have better story lines than the movie equivalent
  • Knives bad ass ninja dad
  • Kim Pines character has more depth to her
  • No Michael Cera