Steve Heyes

Here’s What I’m Doing Now

Steve Heyes with a nice brick wall in the background

Currently working on

  • Work: I’m looking at how to develop the dev team at Substrakt Health by researching and implementing structures, process and habits we can put in place to help the team thrive.
  • Health: I am currently working on getting down to 12.5 stone (80kg) 12 stone (76kg). To do this I am (still) following Slimming World using their online package, which is working surprisingly well.
  • Fitness: Over the Covid-19 lock down I completed the Couch To 5k. I continue to run ~3 times a week.

Always doing

  • Family: I want to connect on a heart level with my wife and three kids on a daily basis.
  • Prayer: As a Christian, continuing to develop the practice of meditation, prayer and the spiritual disciplines enables me to keep centred on what I believe is important.


  • Non-fiction:
    Atomic Habits - James Clear
  • Fiction:
    Dune - Frank Herbert

Last updated 30th April 2020 - Inspired by Derek Sivers