Steve Heyes

What I Use

Steve Heyes with a nice brick wall in the background

What I used to build this site

I decided to guild this site with Gatsby. I’d heard a lot about it and wanted to give it a go. It’s hosted on Netlify and the domain is with NameCheap.

Programming Languages


I’ve been using Ruby since 2016. This has mostly been with Ruby on Rails, and I have dabbled with Sinatra.


I have been using Javascript since the early days of DHTML. More recently it has been ES6, Node.js and Express. I’ve also been using React and in particular React Native a lot to build native mobile apps and I must say; I really like it.


While I don’t write much PHP these days; it still holds a special place in my heart as my first language I ever really got to grips with. I still watch what happens in the Laravel ecosystem.


Visual Studio Code

I’ve been through all the IDE’s and text editors but now that I write multiple languages I find Code to be the best at the moment. The theme I use is Night Owl and the font I use is Fira Code. You can check out my settings on my Gist profile.


This is terminal and has been for years. The design improvements in >v3.3 are cracking. I use ZSH as my shell, with Night Owl and Fira Code for the styling.


I’ll be honest; what I really want to use is Omnifocus. But I don’t have a good enough discipline in place to justify the cost. Todoist has enough flexibility to help keep my head in the game while not costing a crazy amount.


The nicest password manager I’ve used.


All my mail and calendar needs are met with Spark.


After trying so many note applications, I’ve settled on Bear. I like the markdown support and simplicity.


Shout out to Wes Bos for the idea of this page.